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Tails From Alteria is a wacky RPG that follows the misadventures of Twin foxes Jeeve and Jayla Javari, as they race against unseen forces for the lost pages of a map, said to lead it's followers to a great treasure. Once word gets out of the first page's retrieval, the entire world is sent into a frenzy trying to be the first to obtain the legendary treasure. What the treasure trove holds? No one knows for sure, only thing certain is danger, conspiracy, and loads of antics for the twins to get in to!

Though as large as trouble may seem, you don't have to take it! The adventure sports an Active Turn Based Battle structure, where timely button presses and increased dexterity will reward you with extra damage to your opponents!

Inspired by Nintendo's own Mario rpgs, is a unique experience crafted by us here at Smol Beans Studios. We've always been huge fans of the Paper Mario games and we wanted to deliver a game that was our love letter to the series. This isn't an 1 to 1 recreation mind you, it's just us wanting to tell a story in the only way we know how. We hope you enjoy the demo and give us lots of feedback! There's so much we need to fix and refine before release, but I'm hoping this very small taste will be something someone enjoys!


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TFA 4.4 Revamped build 547 MB
Tails From Alteria 4.3.zip (Combat Disabled) 545 MB
Tails From Alteria 4.1 (Combat Enabled)
TFA Beta Tester's Build 1.3

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